Monogram Love

I recently visited my mom in South Carolina. One thing that really grabbed my eye was how many people had monograms on their cars! I loved it! Who doesn’t love a good monogram?

So, I decided to create a monogram design for you this week so you can get in on all that monogram love going around. And, I’ve gone one step further: I have two sizes for you! One for your car (9″ x 6.5″), and one for your home (19″ x 13″). Of course, you can put them anywhere you want. The small one would be great in your home just as well as the large one will be!

On sale this week at 59% off! Small is only $5, while the large is $12. 

Pick your favorite color for your monogram: Black, White, Wrought Iron, Chocolate Chip, Linen, Cranberries, Turquoise, Mustard, Orange Juice, Olive, Cherry Tomato, and Lime Tree.

59% Off Retail
monogram love Click image to view larger image
color swatch black white wrought iron chocolate chip linen cranberries turquoise mustard  orange juice olive cherry tomato lime treeAvailable colors

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