{Set of Three} Flowers with Words

I am thrilled to offer you a graphic design this week: Gorgeous dahlias with your choice of words to go with them! You will get to choose two colors for your design.

Each dahlia measures 9.25″ x 9.25″. The words are approximately 3.5″ tall and vary in length, depending on the word chosen.

This great design is on sale at 55% off retail price for only $22 for the entire set!

Please select Color 1 for the first and third flower and the second word. Select Color 2 for the  middle flower and the first and third words.

You can choose from 15 fabulous colors: Black, White, Wrought Iron, Chocolate Chip, Linen, Cranberries, Berry, Bubble Gum, Lipstick, Celadon, Powder Blue, Teal, Orange Juice, Mustard, and Lime Tree. 

I added an image to show just one of the flowers on a painted board. You can make three separate boards with the flowers and words. You can center the flowers or have them off to one side. You can even cut off part of the flower (or wrap it around your board) to give a slightly different look to your boards. Be sure to check out the Fruitful Vine Creations Facebook page more additional ideas this week.

55% off Retail
dahlia hope love pray image w photo Click image to view larger image
color swatch black white wrought iron chocolate linen cranberries berry bubble gum lipstick celedon powder teal orange juice mustard lime tree copyAvailable colors

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